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Are you looking to learn more about Cannabidiol, or what’s more commonly known as CBD?

Full spectrum CBD vs. 99% Pure CBD isolate is an interesting topic of research for many people. When weighing your options, you want to truly understand the ins and outs of each one.

How does CBD effect your endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

Your ECS is the collection of cell receptors and corresponding molecules located throughout the body – in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. Its goal is homeostasis, or optimal balance, within the body.

Know what’s in the product you are purchasing.

Here’s what you should know when buying CBD:
- Some products contain THC and may not be legal in your state.
- There are also a lot of poor quality CBD products on the market today due to a lack of regulation and heavily imported products.
- Labeling is often inconsistent and unclear making it confusing.

What does color mean about a CBD Oil?

The color of CBD oil can convey information about the ingredients in the mixture as well as the level of filtering. CBD2UONLINE CBD uses upercritical cold CO2 extraction methods that produce solvent-free, highly potent CBD isolate with the strongest efficacy available. What you get? Pure CBD, odorless, flavorless with zero THC.

CBD2UONLINE CBD is produced with C02 extraction. When it comes to CBD products, the extraction method of the CBD is important. Most consumers probably never stop to consider this. However, the extraction method can be a major factor in the overall safety, quality and taste of the final product.

Heat degrades botanical oils and can extract plant material, like chlorophyll, giving raw oils their green color and hempy, grassy taste.